Simply a collection of reminiscences and reflections that I wish to record.

Working hard and loving life.  Those in my incredible spectra of friends are all very dear to me-I could not live without their conversation, companionship and support.  I only hope that there is a way for them to understand the immense gratitude that I feel towards them.  And although Juno may not pass the test as an adequate “attack” dog, she has taught me much about the importance of stopping to smell the flowers (or in her case, the dead fish in the backyard).  I try to live my life as the Lord commands, and am in constant awe of His presence in my life.  Particularly in the past year, I have been blessed enough to have had my eyes opened further.  How can one not see it?  If my body allowed me to play ultimate frisbee all day, I wouldn’t hesitate.  Sadly, it is the only team sport on the list for me-everything else needs… a bit of work.  I also used to show horses, which some people who’ve never ridden do not consider a sport.  My family moved to a part of the country that does not support my discipline, so i no longer have this joy as an active part of my life.  Nevertheless, I treasure the memories I accumulated during my 5+ years in the saddle.  Nothing compares to the connection of horse and rider.


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