My 101-A Lifetime

I was inspired to write this by Katherine 🙂 It’s a neat idea no?
Thoughts? methods for achieving said goals?

oh and this is also on facebook 😉

1. kiss under the northern lights
2. backpack in Glacier or Yellowstone or Yosemite
3. see lava
4. have a “hat” that distinguishes me
5. wakeboard or water ski
6. fall in love/have the man I’m in love with in love with me
7. spend time observing/studying a wolf pack
8. learn the constallations
9. visit Rwanda, Malawi, lots of Africa
10. have a mudfight
11. learn to snowboard
12. scuba dive in the meditteranian or Australia
13. climb a giant redwood tree
14. snorkel in Hawaii
15. be fluent in another language
16. have an accent
17. get a tattoo
18. be in a re-enactment (civil war)
19. start fire with a stick
20. ride on teh green at Kentucky Worlds
21. learn a song on the harmonica
22. eat “lemon bars”
23. troll for salmon-catch one
24. horseback ride across Scotland
25. be able to do the splits
26. knit a pair of socks
27. build a rocking chair
28. go to Rio for Carnival
29. milk a snake
30. touch a bear
31. cake dive
32. take my dad flying
33. drive an excavator
34. spend a month taking pictures
35. press a shark’s nose-does it work?
36. cover a wall with photos
37. have a pet bird
38. herd sheep with a border collie
39. drink water from a mountain stream
40. kiss in the snow
41. read Revelations
42. visit LOTR locations in New Zealand
43. road trip across the US
44. visit all the NPs
45. make love in a car (or truck works too)
46. teach a sunday school class
47. kiss on a ferryboat
48. skydive
49. wear cat-eye contacts for a day (or purple ones)
50. own a pair of aviators
51. see a solar eclipse
52. go to a concert
53. live in a foreign country
54. make a snowball pattern quilt
55. learn kickboxing
56. jump off granite holding someone’s hand
57. visit Maccu Piccu and get spit on by a llama
58. catch a fly in my hand (without killing it)
59. go to a casino
60. drink green faries
61. rock climb freehand
62. visit all 7 continents
63. see the cistine chapel
64. visit Italy with my mom
65. sleep under the stars
66. see the Declaration of Independence
67. go kiteboarding
68. own a horse
69. go trailriding in the Snowy River area
70. go to the Apple cup
71. get a henna tattoo
72. build a house with Habitat
73. visit the capitol building
74. get lost in a cornfield
75. learn to improv. cook
76. be in a play
77. go to a wine tasting
78. ski/snowboard in the Swiss Alps
79. go to Oktoberfest
80. learn to shoot a bow
81. learn to fence
82. be good enough to sing for an audience
83. learn how to drive a stick shift
84. visit the statue of liberty
85. do the walk-down tour of the Washington Monument
86. shoot a gun
87. go back to Thailand
88. sheer a sheep
89. egg or TP someone’s house
90. be a mom…I think-there are lots of interpretations of the word, right?
91. pick a lock
92. learn guitar or piano (or both)
93. stand in the Pacific Ocean with Marie-Noelle and Annie
94. see a Broadway show (Wicked?)
95. lay in the road and watch the traffic lights change
96. have a pen pal
97. go to a pub in Ireland
98. try shrooms
99. get drunk with…oh that one kid
100. be in a large scale food fight
101. read the Count of Monte Cristo, the Three Musketeers, and the Man in the Iron Mask


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